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About Dr. Abraham VEMA

Dr. Abraham VEMA is the President of Abraham International Leadership Ministries, founded in 1998 as a ministry of personal friendship, fellowship and partnership to world leaders and Ambassadors in the spirit of Jesus Christ. Dr. VEMA has a Ph.D. (UNDP/FAO Fellowship) from India and a Th.M. (Pastoral Leadership & Counseling) from Dallas Seminary, Texas. His experience includes Post-Doctoral Research in Biochemistry / Biotechnology from India and Ireland, and working as a Senior Scientific Officer in the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.

Dr. VEMA hosts special events like the annual International Prayer Breakfast in NYC for Ambassadors and the annual African Union Heads of State Prayer Breakfasts (in Maputo-2003, Addis-2004, Abuja-2005 and Khartoum-2006). He has one-on-one meetings with Ambassadors and visiting Presidents and Ministers in New York City. He serves as a ‘pro-bono’ advisor to assist different governments and world leaders. He also facilitates charitable assistance to developing countries with hospital, agricultural and educational supplies through humanitarian organizations such as International Medical Equipment Collaborative and other agencies and also arranges exchange scholarships through various friendly colleges, schools and civil societies.

Dr. VEMA has met with over 3000 dignitaries from 190 nations — Secretaries General and Presidents of the United Nations, visiting Presidents and Secretaries of State. He has a friendship through his prayer ministry (to bless & support leaders) for 2400 world leaders consisting of all the 200 nations’ Presidents, Vice Presidents, Prime/Foreign Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Ambassadors, Deputy Ambassadors and their spouses.

Dr. VEMA has authored papers on academic topics — one of his recent papers was titled, Charlemagne to the Czech Republic: How an Ordinary Philosopher looks into the Future of European Union

At present, Dr. VEMA is preparing for the International Presidential Prayer Breakfast (IPPB) or Continent by Continent Prayer Breakfasts starting from 2020, God willing. He hopes to invite all these 2400 world leaders from all 200 Nations to these events for the glory of God. He covets your prayers.

Abraham International
Leadership Ministries


Dr. Abraham VEMA
307 East 44th Street, Suite 1209
New York, New York 10017 USA

Tel: 212-973-1794
Fax: 212-973-1924

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